DISTELTUIG\\De Vliegtuin x Pexpo Amsterdam

Opening this April 1st, Rogier Bosschaart is curating a new exhibition at Gallery Pexpo Amsterdam, focussing on the creative ‘free-space’ where he has worked for the past three years.   “The conservation of such spaces is of great importance to the cultural landscape of a city. It is about the freedom to learn and the… Lees verder DISTELTUIG\\De Vliegtuin x Pexpo Amsterdam

Rogier Bosschaart / Guda Koster

Opening this December 1st, Rogier Bosschaart and Guda Koster will be presenting their new works at BlowUp Gallery in the center of Amsterdam. A year in the making Rogier Bosschaart will be presenting for his first gallery exhibit, a series of new paintings on wooden panels. With a career as a high fashion model spanning… Lees verder Rogier Bosschaart / Guda Koster

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