From a young age Rogier Bosschaart (b. 1986, Amsterdam) stumbled from one fantastical experience to the next, resulting in, what he likes to call ‘a life of magical realism’.

After being scouted as a model in his late teens and consequently rising to fame as a high-fashion model, he studied composition at the HKU conservatory while at the same time opening a night-bar in the heart of Amsterdam’s theater district with a group of his peers, that became known as a cultural hub in the city. Frequented by many rising stars at the cusp of their careers in theater, film and music.

Following his experience as film and theater composer, he started painting at a later age and found a home for his practice in an off-the-grid commune, lovingly referred to by its occupants as ‘the glitch in the matrix’.

The paintings he produced here are full of vibrant colour and seem to speak a language that is all his own. Point by point they weave an intricate tapestry of felt experiences where forms continually rearrange when out of sight. The displays of visual chaos, miraculously teeter on visual harmony, leaving the viewer both soothed, in a form of cosmic awe, yet searching and bewildered.