Don’t Call it a Expo\\Open studio + Art Sale

As part of the Vliegtuin Christmas Market, this December, Rogier Bosschaart opens the doors to his studio for an exlusive look into the artist’s practice.

On view will be not only the abstract dot paintings, but also, photography, sketches, animal paintings and a first look at upcoming projects.

The open studio provides the public a chance at a unique view of the artists practice and workflow by showing not only the surroundings in which many of his paintings are made but also an insight into the creative process that surrounds them.

The open studio will be paired with an end-of-year artsale with many previously unseen works available for purchase. Aswel as many works of the other artists and craftspeople who inhabit the Vliegtuin Studio community.

Alongside Bosschaart, fellow Vliegtuin artist Tio will also show a large collection of paintings.

Tio is a young painter originating from Nivelles, 24 years old, based in Amsterdam, and pursuing studies in analytical chemistry in the field of cultural heritage conservation. He has been exhibiting for 2 years in several European cities such as Copenhagen, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Brussels. His abstract-figurative works will make you travel in a world full of characters, personalities, emotions and stories. 

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